Protected Monument, Department of Archaeology

An architectural wonder of erstwhile Travancore kingdom

A historical marvel!

A masterpiece of indigenous Kerala architecture.

An unparalleled beauty!

  • Padmanabhapuram

  • The Place

  • Padmanabhapuram, a small town in Kanyakumari District claims an important place in history, for it was once a thriving capital of the powerful Venad kingdom that ruled over the southern regions of the present Kerala State. Padmanabhapuram, originally known as Kalkulam, was not the first stronghold of the Venad rulers in the South..

Buildings Inside the Palace

Wooden structures with exceptional arcitectural style!

  • Mani Meda- the clock tower

    To the left of the poomukham is the mani meda, the clock tower. The large clock is framed by a balcony with intricate filigree work in wood.

  • Thai Kottaram

    The corridor from the poomukham leads one to the Thai kottaram, a.k.a., Darpakulangara Koikkal, the core of the palace complex.

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